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Unite to Face Addiction rally Washington Mall 10/4/15

Alcoholics Anonymous joe walsh rally to face addiction recovery sober steven tyler

Yes! there is HOPE. The rally last Sunday on the Washington Mall was inspiring. More that 20,000 people gathered to listen to talks by Greg William, Michael Botticelli, Dr. Murthy US Surgeon General, Steven Tyler, Cheryl Crow, Joe Walsh and others. The many stories of tragic personal loss were as sad as the stories of recovery hopeful. The important work to raise awareness about addiction  and to redirect addiction efforts from prisons to treatment created a sense of hope for many in attendance. It is my hope that the efforts keep moving forward no that the event is over.  I...

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Rave Review for Steps & Stories

Alcoholics Anonymous book reviews Sandy Beach AA Speaker Steps & Stories

I wish I had recording of some of the comments from people who have read Steps & Stories. I do have some of the written remarks such as these: "Thanks again for publishing "Steps and Stories". I can't put it down, and I know that I'll be referring to it for a long time. Some of the things that I was not able to understand make more sense now, and I feel more motivated and more enabled to identify and work on the things that I can change."  - Liz "Sandy is an AA Icon. I bought his book Steps...

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Atlanta Report - 80th AA Convention

AA 80th Convention

This was my first time attending an International convention of Alcoholics Anonymous. (They only take place every 5 years) It was quite an experience. Especially because I was there with an wonderful new book to introduce to the community. It was also quite special as I was joined by my brother Rick, and Sandy's daughter, Conway. We attended the opening meeting together which was a very powerful and memorable experience. People who came to our sales booth were thrilled to see Steps & Stories in print. We discovered that there were many who had been using the CD's to run meetings who...

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