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Reviews for - Bottoms Up

"Bottoms Up doesn’t romanticize AA so much as it spins dark poetry out of the writer’s experiences in the rooms.... For all its self-deprecation and humor, Bottoms Up is also at times jarring and terrifying.....—he’s also reached a high water mark with recovery writing" (the complete review will be published soon in AfterParty Magazine)

Paul Fuhr

 "It was a blessing to know Paul C. From the beginning of my journey in sobriety, until his death in 2016, he taught me, through his words and example, how live to a useful, grateful, sober life. I couldn't be happier that this book, written as he faced a terminal illness, will carry some small glimpse of Paul's experience, strength, and hope to those of us still trudging the road of happy destiny".     

Billy G.

"Alcoholism presented in a series of poignant vignettes written by an alcoholic. With every drink, a loss, a spiral downward, then finally a triumphant journey back. Thank you for this truth." 

 Jacqueline C.

  "What a wonderful ability the author has of bringing us into a moment in time. More than just a few of us can relate as he shares

the joys of sobriety and the ugly truth of alcoholism. Like many of us the author has found the bright side of the coin, and he humbly attributes his happiness and a successful life to the program, his sponsor, and the many who have come before him. I just happened to be sitting in the meeting with him when he got the call that his sponsor had died. I watched as he traveled through grief to pride. He knew his sponsor had lived and died a sober man. He realized that he had a good chance of doing the same, as long as he continued to " trudge the road to happy destiny.

This book is a wonderful reflection of a wonderful sober life.  Thank you for sharing it with us!"

Belinda P.  

  I first met Paul at his anniversary years back and we became friends because we were close in sobriety age.  I always listened up when he spoke and learned much from his unique way of presenting his experience.  His book is a wonderful portrayal of his story and reflective of his gratitude for the miracle recovery gave him.  

 Annette D.  

"I have read this book several times.  I am always surprised when bits and pieces of my own story is found therein! I find comfort in these powerful words.  Often times, I can hear his voice sharing the wisdom he has deemed worth remembering and repeating!! It is my prayer that this book will become readily available for all to enjoy~~"

DeLisa J.

"Very interesting book with an obvious message that was passionately written and conveyed.  Thanks for sharing with us!!!"

Marie L.

"This book is a series of short vignettes, personal stories told with humor and a sharp wit, which makes it a very easy read, yet with grains of truth gleaned over a lifetime."

Carol L.

"A real life story of alcoholism that told what it was like, what happened, and how the rooms of recovery transformed his life and then the ultimate of how he was taught to always help others!

Mark T                                                                                                                                      

 "The author gives the reader the depth and honesty as to his journey back to sobriety."

Gail A.