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Reviews for Steps & Stories and Dear Friend

Readers comments on Steps & Stories:

"It was wonderful, Bill. Absolutely a delight to read. The beauty, for me, was the amazing insight into the steps (intense, thought-provoking) made even more captivating by the firsthand knowledge of historical anecdotes (fun, enriching). This combination made it a can't-stop-'til-I'm-done (than can't wait to re-read it) work. Thank you so much" -  Charles Brooks, PhD, LCAC 

"The Convention was awesome, hope that you had time to enjoy it.  I bought several books from you and were having them shipped to me.  I talk about many of the principles I've learned from Sandy Beach to my employees." Cloid W

"Sandy is an AA Icon I bought his book Steps & Stories in Atlanta. It's his best yet ! If you want material to enhance you spirituality this is it." Howie from Dayton,Oh.

"Thanks again for publishing "Steps and Stories". I can't put it down, and I know that I'll be referring to it for a long time. Some of the things that I was not able to understand make more sense now, and I feel more motivated and more enabled to identify and work on the things that I can change." Thank you, Liz

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have done a tremendous service in making this fantastic book available. The book is fantastic and your service is tremendous because you have succeeded in your mission to “keep his legacy and message of hope alive, in print, for all who loved him and for those yet to discover and benefit from his wisdom”.

" I loved Sandy B and now through this book I can pass on his good humor, insight and perception to guys I sponsor and to others who did not know Sandy. I ask people I give the book to, to first listen to a tape of Sandy so they can get a feel for his humor and cheerful wisdom before they read the book. Then the book delivers the message, which I feel Sandy wonderfully summed up at the end: “There’s nothing to know. There’s just a show to behold.” Thank you very much for your outstanding service." Peter K

"I called earlier and left a message regarding purchasing Steps and Stories books.... I finally got a rainy day to start reading it.  It is awesome.  Thanks.  Sorry I did get to it sooner for others to enjoy. I guess I'm still a selfish self centered person he writes about. A work in progress." Lol. Please send ASAP John W – Hezelden/BettyFord bookstore Hazels Cup


 Customer Reviews: Dear Friend: Letters for Your Spiritual Journey

 Philip T. Youngon July 17, 2015
Great book for daily reflection and meditation! Customer Reviews: Dear Friend: Letters for Your Spiritual Journey
Phyllis S. Cherry "reading 4 u" on July 9, 2015
This is a beautifully written journal outline. I'm using it as part of a devotion.

Diania on June 20, 2015
Love the weekly reflections, as always they are right on to where my life is.
james w. shea on June 4, 2015
A "must have" book for the library of any person in recovery. Simple and to the point it provides a great start to any day. Each time I pick it up I find something that speaks to me for that moment and a thought that gives me hope for a better day. Thank you Sandy for all you have done for people in recovery and for all you continue to do even after your passing.
Lawrence on April 29, 2015
I am really enjoying this book

Steven Lance Hamilton on April 4, 2015
This was by far the best spiritual book I have ever read! Everyday solutions

David Love "Audrey-head"on March 12, 2015
Knowing Sandy changed my life. I had no real idea what a spiritual journey was until I attended my first Far Corners. I thank God every day for putting him into my life. This little book keeps me in contact with him. I'm blessed to have known him and to now know him on a different level. This book will enhance anyone's life, not just those in recovery. David L.

Elizabeth Borden on March 9, 2015
Write a wonderful book. Thank you Hotchkiss Publishing for making this available.

Ralph deluca on March 8, 2015
Sandy once said if he had to describe the AA program in two words it would be Let Go. While that may be true but what I can't let go of is this book. I ordered 4 copies and sent them to people via Amazon. The book is amazing. I have added it my morning an night time routine. I highly recommend this book. It doesn't matter if you are new in your walk with Spirituality or been on it for a while. This book will help. My friend Lee Y says if your in a hot air balloon an you want to go higher Ya got to get rid of something's. That's what this book helps me do. I miss Sandy but as I read the words I hear him speaking them to us.

Ralph D