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Chasing Labyrinth - Guide to CT & RI

Chasing Labyrinth - Guide to CT & RI

$ 19.95

You have probably driven by many labyrinths without noticing them. I once walked across one in a church courtyard to ask directions only to be told I had been on it already! Thus the need for a guidebook to help you in your search so you may do a bit less chasing that I did.

Labyrinths have been enjoying a renaissance which began just before the turn of this century with the Lauren Artress Founder of Veriditas leading the way.  In 1998 there were only 100 labyrinths listed online, today there are over 4,440 in the US alone. The oldest permanent outdoor labyrinth in Connecticut will be found in Litchfield, at Wisdom House, built in 1996. The increased interest in spiritualty, mindfulness, seems to have inspired the growth. They can be viewed as a metaphor for life with twists and turns.  They teach us to trust the path we are on is our life’s path. 

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