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Bottoms Up - A Recovery

Bottoms Up - A Recovery

$ 12.95

Paul C., a photo journalist, who was 37 years sober when diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. He decided to write his third and final book as a legacy to his sobriety in the hopes of helping others in the future. The compelling cover photo is one he took on the street 30 + years ago. The book is in three sections: what it was like, what happened, and what is like now. Rather than telling his story as a narrative the book is a series of engaging vignettes. Paul's writing style is very comfortable which creates an intimacy with the reader very quickly. 

He completed the book and had 80 copies privately printed which arrived the day before he was taken by ambulance to Hospice. He passed away last May. 

This book came to me through  Paul's widowed ex-wife, Cheryl. Not knowing how to go about publishing the book she called the local Intergroup office in Melbourne, Fl. Someone there suggested that she contact me about republishing Bottoms Up.  She called me in the belief  that I was the right person at the right time to help. I am pleased to have the opportunity to assist Cheryl in her efforts to have Paul's work continue to carry his message of hope.  We have made some minor edits to the version Paul had originally printed and added an introduction by Cheryl and Paul's Obituary. 

 (Great reviews have been coming into the office! Everyone has commented on how much they like how Paul wrote.) 

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